What to do while I’m there?

Why bother to go?

What makes it unique?

We don’t make great claims but we assume that if you like the outdoors or want an escape from a big city then you will enjoy your time with us and in the area. Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor to see what other guests have been up to and what they think. Some of our suggestions of what to do follow below…..

Walking & Hiking

There are great trails all around. From concrete paths and steps laid by the farmers to off road mountain trails going up mountains. Just be careful not to go into the buffer and core areas of the nature reserve. Please respect the ecosystem and take out what you bring in. Ask as for GPS routes on your arrival or before your visit. You can download these to your phone or borrow one of our GPS’s for self-guided walks.


If you like hill running then this is a great place to test your legs! On road and off-road, through water, over mountains is all available. It’s just not flat!

Pools & Dipping

Get outdoors for some activities and then come and dip yourself in one of the many river pools. The water is clean! You will be drinking it (filtered), washing in it and …….. in it.


Many guests visit us for road cycling. We also hope to be building out some MTB trails in 2018. The road cycling is described by many guests as “World Class”. Check out our cycling page for more info along with the photo gallery. We hope to be offering a full rental fleet once the bullet train opens in 2018. We also have a small self-service bike shed with simple maintenance tools, pressure spray, spares etc. A cycle route map is shown in the cafe along with GPS routes & Strava segments.

Yoga & Activity Fields

Bring your Yoga mat and practice on a roof top over looking the nature reserve or in a field next to the west stream. It’s relaxing and a great way to stretch after a hard hike. Alternatively, do other exercises such as fitfam / TRX in the fields.

Photography & Drone

Fantastic for done photography and racing(hopefully not crashing) along with landscape, rural architecture, nature or people photography.

Local Food

There are lots of local dishes in the area. Spice, salt, herbs, bamboo, doufu and pork kind of sum it up. Produce is local, the water is fantastic, there are few if any pollutants and the soil is not bad so your getting quality and healthy food.  An interesting feed after a long day of adventure.

Village & Architecture

An informative day can be had visiting different villages and towns around the area by foot, car, bike or scooter or a combination of. Experience some local culture while burning some calories. We call this village hopping and seriously encourage it!

Local Products & Crafts

There are some really nicely made local items worth picking up while in the area. They are mostly hand made and seasonal. We sell a few in the shop and others can be picked up in markets and by asking the local villagers. Keep a special eye out for local; pork (the organic ham is great), tea (same quality 1 5th the price of Hangzhou), hickory nuts (famous throughout China but not cheap), bamboo weaved products (not the normal flimsy rubbish) stone and wood products.


Just want a break from everything. Bring a book and sit on a hill to read, on a roof chatting or on a house sofa listening to some music. You should be able to find a very relaxing spot to unwind and chill.


Bring your work. Each house has wifi broadband. We skype / wechat video conference around the world so it’s easy to stay in touch and get some serious heads down work done. Team work and team building can be catered for and we have a small library room and an upstairs area for private break out secessions if you would like a change from the outdoors.

People Watching

There are some very interesting local people with long family traditions and skills which have been passed down generation by generation. Most people have general agricultural skills plus a specific craft or trained skill. It’s really impressive to see them at work.

Exploring & Getting Lost

Really want to start to understand a place. Get lost in it! Get exploring and get a little adventurous but then come back to the comfort of the homestays at night.


Archery, Camping (but please not in the nature reserve), Cooking, Bird Watching, Nature conservation, board games, rock climbing, skiing!!!, fishing and the list goes on………