The Bike Shed Rentals

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We have some great riding in the area. For new or inexperienced riders we have some rental bikes and fun easy local rides to visit villages and different areas. For experienced riders bring your road bike and follow one of the many GPS routes provided or join one of the almost weekend cycling groups.

Cycling Routes – see the best routes in the area and download the GPX / GPS files to follow on your GPS device or phone. You need to be a registered guest to do that.

We and many of guests are passionate about our Road Cycling. The below gives some ideas and options of whats in the area but as always a little time and adventure off the beaten track provides rewards.

There are 6 main climbs in the area and lots of smaller ones. We are trying to put together an ultra ride connecting them. They are individually all accessible and feasible for one day rides out and back from Wildhometay. Local vans can be provided as pickups if needed. See the below on routes, itineraries, calendars, and cycling info.

See the below ride calendar, suggested itineraries and more info on the bike rentals and sheds. Try and get yourself on the Strava leaderboard if you want some competitive fun or simply go out, adventure and get lost in the area.

While we have some great “road” cycling we also have some very interesting mixed road / offroad adventure cycling. Check out:

Bike Sheds & Rentals

New bike sheds: deposit and clean your bikes there.

Renter bikes: a fleet of disk brake road bikes suitable for gnarly hills.

Cycling food: snacks for the ride, post ride protein shakes etc.

Pools & Recovery Massage: mmmmmm…….. a nice dream we need to make happen sometime this year!!!. 

Calendar 日程

April: Getting warmer so its when the season starts. Qiandao Hu Tri (22rd April) so people come up post that for some riding. Yellow rapeseed on the terraces. Stunning. Also Huangshan MTB race. 

May / June: Qiaodao Hu Granfondo, Huangshan GF. Very nice. Great time of year to be here. A few Everest attempts planned. People building up their climbing legs and rides normally every weekend till end of season in November. 

July / August: hot hot in mid day so rides start very early!!!! From mid day on its in the pools or under aircon. When sun goes down its nice outdoor BBQs till late in evening. 

Sept / Oct / Nov: Another great time to be here. Qiandao Hu Elite Race = fantastic if you can keep up. We are putting together a ultra 6 race – something like 600km/6000m/6 peaks/36h. The stupid riders will do in one go and the more sensible will sleep for 6 hours half way around! Also we hope this year to will run a road / gravel monument race. October 2018 the bullet train will open so we will have a special ride weekend for that!

Dec / Jan / Feb / March: Cold / Snow / Ice. Only really suggested for MTB and ice / snow tires required on some of the hills. Warm vans / hot food drinks provided on self guided routes.

Suggested Itineraries

Weekend 1 Mid Intensity: Saturday Daming, Sunday Rubbish. What we recommend for first time visitors. Each ride is 4 to 6h. 

Weekend 2 Long Intensity: Saturday Little Peaks / /Lake. Long and might need pickup. Sunday Rubbish. 

A Long Weekend: Daming Classic & Botanical, Lake & Little Peaks, Rubbish & Shendu. Might need a pickup. 3 days and your legs will have had enough.

Longer: Riding South West from Tunxi, Huangshan City is nice. Same from the north. Riding North from Qiandao Hu is very nice. 

A week or so: Do the whole Huizhou trail – Eastern Silk Road from Jingdezhen to Hangzhou. A great self-supported tour. 7天或以上:徽州古道东方丝绸之路,从景德镇到杭州。

Self Guided – New for 2018

We will experiment with a Self Guided Tour option this year. Fully guided is not our thing, please contact the professionals – Serk and Ridenow for that. We want to offer a different experiences which retains part of the adventure and risk of getting lost and exploring around but at the same time having a few creature comforts available.

We provide you a GPS route and communicate with you on wechat. 

There are various meeting points. Interesting ones! A local van meets you there. You get a short rest, nice cold sports drink, hot coffee, cake, some snacks etc. Between the meeting points you have routes which we assume you will explore around and might well get lost. 

You completely run out of puff or get a mechanical then throw yourself and your bike in the van (wechat the driver to come and pick you up). You get a flat, fix it yourself! The van will not be following you. 

Please contact us for more details. Minimum 3 people and order 10 days in advance.