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Huizhou Homestays & Experiences

clean, comfortable, affordable, & unforgettable!

The Eastern Silk Road

The old trade routes through the mountains! Silks, cured meats, tea, rice, salt, porcelain all produced and taken through the area to the old cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou. People settled these routes through the mountains. Villages sprang up, local commerce and culture flourished. We inhabit some buildings in one of these villages and are trying to get our guests to experience the local traditions, history and nature through walks, cycling, running and other activities.


Yingchuan Village is hidden in the hills near the border of Qingliangfeng mountain range.  The village developed as a sheltered spot from the elements with access to clear mountain stream water. Homes date back 500 years and the village now has approximately 100 households with the majority of the younger generations now living and working in the cities and return for festivals. The village has a sleepy laid-back feel with the homes located in the old area on the side of the hill surrounded by bamboo and hickory forests.


On the border of Anhui and Zhejiang – In Yingchuang Village, near Sanyang Town, She County half way between Hangzhou & Huangshan. A place without the crowds where you can experience and escape to a real rural village experience and enjoy nature. North of Qiandaohu and South East of Huangshan in the historic Huihang area. At the base of Qiangliangfeng National Nature Reserve, 6km up a little road from the Sanyang Town and the motorway exit and soon to arrive bullet train station. We are 4 hours by car or public bus from Shanghai, 2 hours from Hangzhou and Qiandao Hu and 1 hour from Huangshan and She County.


In October 2018 the bullet train network opens here. It will cut the journey time to less than 2h to Shanghai and 1h to Hangzhou.


Simple – Practical – Clean!

We rent both rooms and homes. Prices start from around 200 RMB for twin rooms to around 400 RMB for a queen rooftop to whole houses for 900 RMB +. View more information on the homes and book a stay or drop by in person. Special group pricing and long-term stay available.


Escape, Relax, Activate, Refresh.


Simply renovated houses, comfortable beds & sofas, clean floors and sheets. A good night sleep in an interesting environment.


Down to earth cafe food. Cooked breakfasts, simple snacks during the day and set menu for dinner at our Canteen. BBQ & Hotpots on the roof gardens or around in the landscapes.


Indoor and outdoor experiences. Get out in nature. This is why you are here. Walk, run, cycle, climb, swim, ride, drive to and around the nature reserve, villages, and hills.


A large part of the experience is the guest participation in daily village life. Learn from and about nature and outdoor activities, local culture, arts & crafts.


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