About Us

Ah… need to write this. Simply put we are a small group of Chinese and foreigners. Both from out of town and now a larger team from the local village who want to develop a nice escape in the countryside for our families, friends, and guests. Small scale, mid end, non-touristy, relaxed, activities, fun and adventure. Thanks to the team for making this happen, Ms Zhu, Ms Chang, Justin, Mr Zhen, Mr Zhou, Xiao Hong and all the others……

Our Goals

Travel in natural or cultural sensitive places = small scale, interesting, local

Promotes diversity = through education, experience, employment

Minimized impact = no new build, water filtration, promote organic, alternative energy, minimizes wastage

Builds environmental awareness = learning center, guide training center, visitor educational experiences integrated with activity and adventure

Respects local culture = try and keep alive through its crafts, activities, food, performance.

Provides direct financial benefits for conservation = nature tour & participation fees, environmental tax

Fairness and equality = legal and fair empowerment

Provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people and us. = increase in income from homestay rentals, part owner, sell local products to visitors, income from service and activities.

A clean and comfortable stay for our visitors.

Great outdoor and cultural activities.

Contact Details:

Yang Chuan Village
She County
P.R. China
Tel: +86-136-01855447
Wechat: wildhomestay

博客 Blog

Road Cycling Info & Routes

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http://www.wildhomestay.cn/cycling/ See the above link for some great road cycling info and routes in the area. The below, a few photos from last year. 点击上方的链接了解周边公路骑行信息和路线的详情。下方还有更多去年的骑行照片。  

Renovation underway 装修进行中

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Renovation of old and new houses are underway for Wildhomestay in Yingchuan. Soft opening will take place in April with the full opening in May. Eating options will be limited…

Moving Again 全新启航

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2018野趣乡居又选新址,山村新民宿筹建工作已全面启动,更会增设和开辟更多的山地车道、徒步慢跑等多条新线路。感谢大家对我们一直以来的关注,请通过博客,微信公众平台等渠道持续了解我们的最新进展。 Small push before Chinese New Year for Wildhomestay. Some new houses leased, simple conservation & renovation, another village area, planning mountain biking, a large bike shed, a little farming,…

业余骑行赛 Nearly World Championships

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Wildhomestay was very pleased to host the 2017 Nearly World Championships by Serk. 野趣乡居有幸能主办Serk的2017年度业余骑行赛 Prerace 赛前准备 People came in from Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Hanghzhou, Guangzhou and various other places around…

野趣骑行服 Wild Cycling Jersey

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我们终于推出了男女同款的骑行外套。有2个颜色,6个尺码可选。总价268元,其中68元将作为特殊经费用于当地的环境保护项目。 非常感谢Vlad提供了整体设计,Lulu在制作订制过程中提供了很多的帮助。 可以在线预订,一周左右可收到(可参考下述尺码表)或者直接在我们的Café 试穿及购买。 彩色款链接- Coloured Jersey 灰色款链接- Grey Jersey   We have finally gotten around to making our unisex cycling jersey. Two colours in 6 sizes. 268 RMB with…

上海外国人记者俱乐部大溪源之行 SFCC Visit

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Shanghai Foreign Correspondence Club Visit Last weekend about 25 people visited us from the SFCC. A nice afternoon of talks at the Sanyang Hong Ancestral Hall followed by walks, bbq,…

刊登在福布斯上的野趣乡居介绍 Forbes Article about us

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Forbes has written up a very nice article introducing the area and our project.

周末骑行活动 Nearly Worlds Cycling Weekend

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SERK NEARLY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2017 ANHUI ZHEJIANG DAMING CHALLANGE 16th September 2017 We are very pleased to be hosting the Serk Nearly Worlds 2017 edition. It should be fun weekend…

垃圾处理问题 Waste Issues

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Many thanks to our guests, their proactive picking up of rubbish and the 25 RMB a day they have been giving during their stay for Environmental issues. Things are starting…