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3月-4月全新启动 Open Again in March – April.

Things moving again 2018 野趣乡居又选新址,山村新民宿筹建工作已全面启动,更会增设和开辟更多的山地车道、徒步慢跑等多条新线路。感谢大家对我们一直以来的关注,请通过博客,微信公众平台等渠道持续了解我们的最新进展。

滑动鼠标查看更多内容,发送邮件至[email protected]或者致电我们了解更多最新详情。

Small push before Chinese New Year for Wildhomestay. Some new houses leased, simple conservation & renovation, another village area, planning mountain biking, a large bike shed, a little farming, some great running trails and nature walks. Excited to be moving on with the project again. Many thanks to our guests and supporters and we will send updates through the usual channels.

Scroll down for more info, check out other areas of the site and email: [email protected] or phone ….. for more info on availability.


我们致力于为都市人提供在上海和杭州附近的乡野之中的简单,干净,舒适的住宿体验。 一个没有人群的地方,您可以体验到住在一个真正的农村乡野中,享受大自然。

More homes are being added and will open in spring 2018. Located in Yingchuan, She County we are located half way between Hangzhou & Huangshan, on the border of Anhui & Zhejiang just off the Sanyang exit of the G56. Some homestays in original local buildings and a simple Cafe Shop.

We provide a nice balance of clean, affordable and comfortable stays in an adventurous setting in close proximity to Shanghai & Hangzhou. A place without the crowds where you can experience and escape to a real rural village experience and enjoy nature.


徽浙交界-千岛湖以北黄山的东南面,属于徽杭古道区域。清凉峰自然保护区脚下,下高速后再行驶8公里左右的小路即达,非常方便能到达高铁站。自驾或者长途大巴4小时上海可直达,距离杭州及千岛湖2小时车程,到黄山及歙县大约1小时车程。On the border of Anhui and Zhejiang – In Ying Chuan Village, North of Qiandaohu and South East of Huangshan in the historic Huihang area. At the base of Qiangliangfeng National Nature Reserve, 6km up a little road from the Sanyang motorway and soon to arrive bullet train station. We are 4 hours by car or public bus from Shanghai, 2 hours from Hangzhou and Qiandao Hu and 1 hour from Huangshan and She County.


2018年高铁通车,从上海出发2小时到达,从杭州出发不到1小时到达。离火车站或高速下匝道到民居车程只要15分钟。高铁的建成会给本区域带来切实的变化-希望是积极的影响还不是带来过度的人流拥挤。In October 2018 the bullet train network opens here. It will cut the journey time to less than 2h to Shanghai and 1h to Hangzhou.

我们的民宿 Our Homes

简单-实用-整洁!Simple – Practical – Clean!

我们的独栋民宿价格700元每晚起。简单房型为200元,标准房型为400元每晚,我们基本是以整栋房屋出租的形式。The prices of our homes start from 700 RMB a night. That works out at about 200 RMB for the basic room type and 400 RMB for the standard room type. We rent mostly homes, not single rooms.

了解更多详细信息并预定房间请查看我们的主页,同时接受现场预定。View more information on the homes and book a stay or drop by in person.

WHY GO? 给你一个来的理由?

Escape, relax, activate, refresh. 逃离城市,放松身心,让你精神振奋之旅

 住 Sleep!

简单装修的房间 ,舒适的床和沙发,干净的地面和地毯,在独特的环境中让你安然入睡。

Simply renovated houses, comfortable beds & sofas, clean floors and sheets. A good night sleep in an interesting environment.

吃 Eat

我们餐饮区有简餐提供,白天有早餐,小食,晚餐则可预定套餐。在屋顶花园或户外区域可以享用烧烤和火锅。在当地镇上及周边区域也有很多本地餐厅。Down to earth cafe food. Cooked breakfasts, simple snacks during the day and set menu for dinner at our Canteen. BBQ & Hotpots on the roof gardens or around in the landscapes.

活动 Activate

室内外各项体验. 你来这里就是为了亲近大自然,你可以在山林树丛中散步,慢跑,爬山,骑行,或在小溪中游泳,或沿着自然保护区周边,各个村庄,山脉自驾,尽情体验自然!Indoor and outdoor experiences. Get out in nature. This is why you are here. Walk, cycle, run, climb, swim, ride, drive to and around the nature reserve, villages, and hills.

 学 Participating

客人参与体验农村的日常生活是我们体验项目中的重要部分,可以让你在娱乐的同时学习并了解自然和当地的文化,艺术和民间工艺。我们提供室内外活动场地及简单的工具。A large part of the experience is the guest participation in daily village life. Learn from and about nature and outdoor activities, local culture, arts & crafts.

公众号 Social & Collaborative!

感谢每位到访的游客分享了很多在这里的美妙瞬间。请在trip advisor中上传你的评论 ,照片墙上上传你的照片,促进我们论坛的发展。

Thanks to all the guests who have helped us built this community. Please upload your reviews to trip advisor, pictures to Instagram and help grow the community.

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